Naked Protest in Berlin

Here’s a video of a nude protest in Berlin by the radical group Hedonist International.

In case it all seems a little baffling, let’s explain what’s going on. These naked young Germans are protesting at high rents for flats and apartments in Berlin. The protests take place at viewing days for properties in the German capital. So when ordinary punters turn up to view the flat, the well endowed girls and boys from Hedonist International show up with their naked bodies on view. To spare their dignity they wear mouse masks on the their faces.

The protest in this particular video takes place in Kreuzberg – a borough in Berlin with a long history of anarchism, radicalism and squats.

Censor Note – The original video we had on this page was removed from YouTube as it was against their nudity clause. This special-effects version seems to get by their prudish censor.

Thankfully there’s now an uncensored version on Vimeo:

Hedonistische Wohnungsbesichtigungs-Rallye 26.09. Berlin-Kreuzberg from wohnungsbesichtigungsrallye on Vimeo.

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